The Glassentials Combo Box 6-Month Plan Save $18

Our Glassentials Box comes with the 8-10 items from our original Hemper box, as well as one of our handpicked glass pieces. The Glassentials Box is a must for anyone who considers themself to be a true smoker. For only $10.00 more than the Original Hemper box, you’ll receive a brand new piece each month to try.For those who already have a hefty glass collection, this box is a great way to keep that collection growing at a steady clip from the comfort of your couch.

If you’re just starting out smoking, or you usually just roll and want to try branching out, you’ll quickly find yourself with an impressive amount of glass to keep on your mantle. Before you know it, you’ll find yourself the envy of your friends.The best part? It’s only a click away.

Tired of smoking out of dirty pieces that your own mother would be ashamed of? We’ve got you covered. Our Glassentials Box includes all the cleaning supplies you’ll need to give yourself the optimal smoking experience, each and every time. 

Disclaimer: Subject to additional charge when used with a discount code of over 10%. 

International Shipping Rates 

Canada - $10

International - $16.00 



Type: Hemper Box